Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this data from?

We’ve launched a massive number of Google-style crawlers to find the most up to date public information about people. Our crawlers use an artificial intelligence algorithm built off of Google’s original page rank algorithm, but optimized for ranking the relevance of individual people. 

Who are most of the people?

The vast majority of the B2B contacts are executives at enterprises in the United States. Most people are Director, VP, and C-level executives at companies and organizations of over 1000 employees.

How is this different from other sales leads services? 

We believe that the world’s information should be accessible, organized, and centralized into one place, and the most valuable thing we have are not websites...but people. There is no Google for people. We’ve built that. We believe that everyone in the world should be able to connect to and communicate with anyone else in the world. When anyone can find anyone else in the world, then we can reduce inefficiencies, tear down walls, and create a fairer, more level playing field for people to share and work together.